What We Do

At SMECreditPro, SMEs are at the centre of everything we do. By combining leading technology and security with the expertise of our team, we are able to serve small business owners with simplicity, efficiency and reliability.

We believe that micro, small and medium businesses are the backbone of any economy and the primary fuel of growth and innovation in a country. SMEs also play a crucial role in providing employment opportunities and contribute enormously to the socio-economic development of countries.

However, despite their pivotal role in the national economic structure, SMEs in emerging markets face many challenges that impede their growth. Access to financing remains one of the most significant constraints for the survival, growth, and productivity of SMEs.

We created SMECreditPro to break down these barriers. We designed our financing platform to provide financially healthy SMEs with quick and easy access to the right financing to help them manage, improve, and to grow their businesses. Our commitment is to make it convenient and efficient for small businesses that are looking for short term working capital to access finance online.

We understand that SMEs are information-opaque, making them risky and costly to acquire, underwrite and serve efficiently. Many are also informal, and lack proper financial statements and the kind of collateral that banks require. That is why we use alternative data analytics powered by industry-leading technology to assess the creditworthiness and financial health of small businesses rapidly and accurately, and can offer collateral-free loans within 72 Hours.

Leadership Team

Oliver Fomunung
Founder & CEO
Lisa Wilhelm
Co-Founder & Chairman

Our Core Principles

Responsible Business Financing

Serve as a trusted partner and treat our customers with respect in all matters.

Truthful, Transparent Information

Provide our customers with complete, transparent, and easy to understand information about our products, terms, and pricing so they can make informed decisions.

The Best Customer Experience

Ensure our customer service meets the highest standards of excellence.

Privacy and Data Security

Ensure the privacy and security of our customers’ information and disclose how borrower information is used.

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