SMECreditPro Lender AdvantageTM Solutions
Make more and better SME lending and credit decisions
  • home-banner Pre-screen your SME customers by referring them for a free SMECreditPro 360 Rating.TM
  • home-banner Browse potential MSMEs borrowers by credit score, risk category level, turnover, age, size, etc. to select MSMEs that meet your loan criteria and obtain their SMECreditPro 360 RatingTM reports to build your portfolio.
  • home-banner Find new SME customers that match your lending criteria.
  • home-banner Reduce SME customer acquisition and lending costs and get better applicants.
  • home-banner Make more, better, consistent, and objective lending decisions in less time.
  • home-banner Approve more SME applicants by leveraging our artificial intelligence, machine learning, and traditional and innovative alternative data-driven credit ratings
  • home-banner Increase customer satisfaction with more, better, and faster credit decisions that can fuel improved SME cash flow and growth
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Loan Marketplace

Join the only SME loan marketplace with technology that matches small business owners to the most relevant funding and services options based on their credit risk profiles.

  • List your SME loan and credit card products on our marketplace
  • Provide us with your minimum borrower requirements and loan criteria for each product
  • SMECreditPro technology will match your loan criteria to credit-qualified business borrowers, present them with relevant offers, link them to your website to apply, and share their SMECreditPro 360 Rating Report and relevant documentation for the application.

Expand lending to new segments and previously invisible MSMEs to grow your portfolio and profitability.

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Why SMECreditPro Lender AdvantageTM Solutions ?
  • home-banner Find SME customers that match your lending criteria and profitability goals
  • home-banner Control credit risks
  • home-banner Reduce default rates
  • home-banner Reduce SME acquisition and lending costs
  • home-banner Increase approval rates
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