Empowering Small Business Owners in Africa

Empowering Small Business Owners in Africa

At SMECreditPro, we believe that micro, small and medium businesses are the backbone of any economy and the primary fuel for growth and innovation in a country. SMEs play a crucial role in providing employment opportunities and thereby contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of countries.

However, despite their pivotal role in the national economic structure, SMEs in emerging markets face many challenges that impede their growth. Access to financing remains one of the most significant constraints for the survival, growth, and productivity of SMEs.

Founded in 2017 by Co-founders Lisa Wilhelm and Oliver Fomunung, SMECreditPro was created to break down these barriers of access to credit. This financing platform was designed to provide the unbanked Micro, Small and Medium Sized businesses with quick and easy access to working capital when needed. Its ultimate commitment is to make available convenient and efficient short term working capital, for small businesses. The goal is to enable them to have access to the finance they deserve, within 72H. Customer satisfaction is at the center of everything we do at SMECreditPro. 

SMECreditPro has been able to overcome barriers to funding for small businesses, by successfully funding 1000+ small businesses in less than 2 years. 
In view of this year's Customer Service Week, SMECreditPro is reaching out to express gratitude for its customer support and trust - thereby reinforcing her commitment to simplify access to working capital for small business owners. 

This week is more about - Our Customers. They are more than a customer! They are a true partner in our mission to simplify access to working capital for small business owners in Africa. We are not just financing their businesses.  We are here for their dreams, aspirations and challenges. Your success stories are the reason we exist !

Thank you for trusting us – you made us who we are.

SMECreditPro Team



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