Cameroonian fintech launches to improve small business access to finance

Fintech startup SMECreditPro has launched in Cameroon, aiming to improve access to finance for small businesses through its company information and credit rating solution.

The SMECreditPro platform combines an online, easy to fill out information application for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) with third party data sources, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide MSMEs with business, financial, and credit ratings.  

Business owners receive a SMECreditPro 360° rating, financial statements, and actionable business improvement insights through a robo advisory service.

Verified lenders, government agencies, and corporations can access the platform to gain a view of a MSME business and credit risk profile when a financing application is made, to help them make decisions more safely, profitably, and cost-effectively.

The platform offers lenders an alternative to relying on stale, often incomplete financial statements, missing or young credit bureau information, or collateral that substitutes for a deeper understanding of the business.

“SMECreditPro simultaneously addresses both the demand and supply market pains by delivering comprehensive, objective credit and financial rating information visibility that will help SMEs and lenders unlock credit access and lending growth”, says Oliver Fomunung, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of SMECreditPro.


Courtesy: Disrupt Africa - http://disrupt-africa.com/2018/10/cameroonian-fintech-launches-to-improve-small-business-access-to-finance/


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